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Hey Carders,

I got a couple of questions for you pro-carders today. I've recently been trying to learn how to card to no success. This is probably because I've been gullible enough to believe people's advice and websites. But I am eager to learn regardless of the money I've already lost.

Here are some of the questions I couldn't get answers too

1. Does the VPN you use really matter?

2. Why do the people connect a VPN to there device even when using socks5? Does 911 VPN do the same things as socks?

3. Is a Mac Address changer and Virtual machine necessary for carding?

4. Some sites require the owner's phone number ie (BestBuy) which is not provided by vendors. Do all websites have this security feature?

5. What websites work for carding within Canada. Furthermore, which shopping region do I use ie (Do I use the Canadian Website or the US Website), If the Credit Card is the US?

6. I Recently Killed a Card and wanted to know where I made my mistakes:

a) Ordered my Card and got my information from a vendor on Empire Market
b) CCleaner on my device and flushed my DNS
c) Loaded the 911 VPN and changed my city to the account holders
d) Launched Firefox and went to BestBuy
e) Entered the Card Holders Information and proceeded to checkout
f) The screen proceeded to load and the message appeared saying "Contact Alliance Bank"

7. What is the proper carding set-up?

I've been reading a lot into carding and trying to learn the in's and out's but it seems like people are either rippers or scammers. However, there are a lot of people who wanna help and teach people and give some guidance.
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