1. TheRealTay

    Aged Shelf Corporations

    All Aged Corps Are Located In Florida. I will teach you how to obtain an EIN and also backdate it to the current filing date or creation date of your business. I will provide you with every website I use to create virtual addresses, business phone numbers, business emails, etc. Get access to a...
  2. TheRealTay

    🌍 🗂️OPEN DROPS WITH CPN +TUTORIAL+ What You're Doing Wrong🌍 🗂️

    Follow The Journey! https://t.me/TaysCreditKingdom
  3. TheRealTay


    If you don’t have at least $10k right now you have an income problem. Pay attention! The reason why you don’t have $10k right now is because you’re either not making enough money or your expenses are too high. Most of the time it’s because the income is just low. The fastest way to increase...
  4. TheRealTay

    🗂️🗂️CPN Blanks | Credit Tutorials | Credit Sweep🧹/ Repair 👨🏽‍🔧 | SHELF CORPS🗂️🗂️

    Hello All, I am BACK with a new Venture. I am dropping nothing but pure Knowledge and 💎 Gem's on Leveraging your credit whether it be Profile's, CPN's Or your Own. My Channel consists of nothing But CREDIT and Education. https://t.me/TaysCreditKingdom I Sell Blank CPN's Tradelines Shelf...
  5. TheRealTay

    📈🗳️🗂️ TLO LOOKUPS FULL PDF | DOCUMENTS + PS Edits | CPN Tuts + Advice+ Trades | Open Ups (Self Registered) 📈🗳️🗂️

    I AM BACK GUYS!! ID (front n back) Schedule Docs Leases Utility Bills W2’s ADP Paystub/check stub Proof of Insurance Bank Statements Receipts’s Socials front and back I HAVE LOCATE PLUS (SIMILAR TO TRANSUNION XP) LOOKUP SERVICES (Look at PDF Example Below) SSN TLO FULL REPORT...
  6. Y

    I found this legit vendor

    I found this legit vendor that put out a bitcoin shop He sends all the info to your email address He has 2022 CPN Guides?, 2022 Real Estate Guides⌛️?, High Balance Credit Cards?, High Credit Fullz w/DL Scans?, StockX and other shopping accounts with credit cards attached??, RDPs?, Spamming...
  7. HideMyIP

    CPN Tutorial

    Play your cards right you’ll make a lot of money ? hit my tele @breezodumpz
  8. Rx8driver

    CPN Guide

    I have a 331pg CPN Guide to creating a trimerge CPN and cashing out with it. When you're ready to create credit profiles with 800 credit scores and buy things that are hundreds of thousands of dollars with no money, then sell them and launder the money--- this teaches you how. Fraudsters have...
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