1. DirtySoda

    Carding Free Carding Guide Basics 4 Dummies

    After spending more time on this forum then i should have. I have came to a conclusion that if I didn't already know a decent amount, I probably wouldn't of learnt much. Here is a couple FAQ. Even if you learn 1 thing from this Thread I am happy. I will type this in the most baby English as...
  2. Chargen19

    Offtop Identifying legitness of some offers.

    I have decided to start this post in order to help others like me. So far I have spent more than $3k (2 months) and learned some things and I will share them with you. 1. WU transfers are all scam (never go for that) 2. Prepaid cards with money does not exist in real life (never go for that)...
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