1. Mayham

    So Irritated With Brian’s Club

    I’m getting so tired of Brian’s Club Bull**** The prices are ridiculous and more than half the time the cards are burnt. Also his customer service is for shit. I spend a decent amount buying CVV in fact (see pic) over the last 60 days I’ve done about $2500 which is about what I do on average for...
  2. pedrochecker

    I need sites with adyen donate payment platform

    I need a website with an adyen platform, to code checker, donation sites and subscription plans, ecommerce is not ok? come partner with me!!
  3. M

    Carding Hello brothers please read this ❤️💯

    https://t.me/vendoryerky Join me brothers this is the first step into escaping the matrix I know I may not be vouched for yet but I will be I will be one of the biggest markets soon I make that my word I recommend you join and support brothers I’m only trying to help the community with my...
  4. VengefulMoma

    ApplePay ID

    I have an ID never been used for 50/50 split? Anyone interested Telegram : @GreenEyed92 Also coinbase account (clean) Other accounts available ??
  5. E

    Can anybody show me how to card GOFUNDME Page ?

    i have a go fund me page that i want to successfully card can someone be a champ and help a brotha out? Telegram @bluesm30 https://gofund.me/cf6c8b21
  6. U

    Is this site legit?

    Hello! I have looked everywhere and cant find an answer. Is this site legit? The prices say to me that it probably is due to it being relatively expensive compared to other sellers, but I am still not entirely sure. Here is the onion ...
  7. D

    Help with carding to a drop.

    My first try using only socks 5 I hit on Amazon for a laptop. Since then I have not been able to hit for anything using the same method. I use socks 5 in same location as cc holder and patiently browse and build cookies and seem like a legit shopper why won’t my cards go through? do I need to...
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