1. Mayham

    So Irritated With Brian’s Club

    I’m getting so tired of Brian’s Club Bull**** The prices are ridiculous and more than half the time the cards are burnt. Also his customer service is for shit. I spend a decent amount buying CVV in fact (see pic) over the last 60 days I’ve done about $2500 which is about what I do on average for...
  2. boyayil

    Search I am looking for a good CC card shop, I own a lot of CC

    我正在寻找一家好的 CC 卡店。第一次上论坛,想卖CC。如果你的卡店可以卖CC,请联系我。我要的是销量好的卡店,而不是一天卖不出5000块钱的卡店
  3. Chargen19

    A market vendor page. (Sale)

    WANTING TO BECOME A VENDOR? HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! MARKET VENDOR PAGE THAT IS FOR SALE! ^.^ This BLACK ROCK marketplace (based on the no. of available products). Yet, not one lacking in experience (based on all the available security features). The interface has been kept simple & traditional...
  4. F

    Market Biggest CC Market For sellers / Resellers / Buyers

    Biggest CC Market For sellers / Resellers / Buyers * New generation market for buyers and sellers * 70% for sellers * Auto Withdrawal for sellers Link: Tor Link: http://jqcd2wxg3owc65uqzfi5nttu5u5kblrcrgrancr5qycsj7lfm645twqd.onion...
  5. M


    Anybody who has used Briansclub has officially been scammed all accounts seller and buyers have been drained and Brian has pulled a rug, turned off his servers and dipped for good. With all our money still in the accounts… fuck you brian you piece of shit! Hope FBI locks u up
  6. LegendKiller666

    First time poster :) this a good forum to gain/share knowledge from and grab copies for bank statements, dl, ssn, etc? Botnets?

    Hey guys been researching on the deepwebs and stumbled upon this forum. From a brief review it seems their are legit sellers here compared to other carding forums and people here are more moderate to experienced. Is their any marketplace to buy botnets or logs with cookies + fingerprint now...
  7. J


    I am gonna keep this short and simple, so it has been over a mongh and i am down $150 by now, i did a lot of research in the past few months and every store either turned out to be compelete scam or it is legit but the cards be either dead or some other type of terms of policy bs, i searched up...
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