1. SavvySuperSaver


    WHY has it been OVER a week now with NO support response and NO payout ?! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! @vclub ??? @CrdPro !!!
  2. dollarsculptor

    Black List SCAMMER | gpt1990 ( new username: cfk1990 ) / Apple Pay loader

    Everyone watch out for this scammer, he's saying that he is an Apple Pay loader, he's from China, and he is one big hell of a scammer. We did one job and it turned out to be good, then I sent him a deposit of %15, which was quite a large amount of money, for him to load my stores, and then 7...
  3. C

    Black List Scam Empire: Python Kingdom/ deem Malicious

    Scam member R2D2Logz: 🏦 PREMIUM BANK LOGS 🔑 | $2,000 - $35,000 BALANCES | Logs from $300 to $1,400 BTC | R2D2LOGZ...
  4. L


    Good day. This is my first post on this forum, as I've only lived on the exp before. Recently I decided to remember the past, how I worked in the unreal engine (in the architecture section) Since I previously kept a company to confirm income on this topic, and then the thought came to my mind...
  5. CVVLegend

    massonclub org

    they dont payout, u uplaod bases then bases just stay there, they dont check, dont payout, nothing, be careful, thats word on other forums too.
  6. Pawi177

    Watch out for these sites

    I see CARDGROVE.CLUB, ************, and ROBOLODGE being spread around like real sites. These are scams sites Stay away. The people that posted these site's should be banned immediately they know what they're doing.
  7. M


    Anybody who has used Briansclub has officially been scammed all accounts seller and buyers have been drained and Brian has pulled a rug, turned off his servers and dipped for good. With all our money still in the accounts… fuck you brian you piece of shit! Hope FBI locks u up
  8. Y

    I found this legit vendor

    I found this legit vendor that put out a bitcoin shop He sends all the info to your email address He has 2022 CPN Guides?, 2022 Real Estate Guides⌛️?, High Balance Credit Cards?, High Credit Fullz w/DL Scans?, StockX and other shopping accounts with credit cards attached??, RDPs?, Spamming...
  9. fastpresidents

    Best SMS Bulk spam services/apk?

    Hi! Looking to send a ton of SMS for pishing. Anyone got a good service or apk? Thanks!
  10. Z

    Black List [FAKE Site] Loans Scam AAVE

    Just one time, I lost my guard and got scammed by this guy, his telegram username are @doctormaney and Using name Doctor Dollar The method is, he trying to looking for partnership to take a loan, then he giving me some documents to work with (like editing....and so on) The loan are AAVE loans...
  11. J


    I am gonna keep this short and simple, so it has been over a mongh and i am down $150 by now, i did a lot of research in the past few months and every store either turned out to be compelete scam or it is legit but the cards be either dead or some other type of terms of policy bs, i searched up...
  12. R

    RB exclusive HOW to deal with SCAMMERS

    HOW to deal with SCAMMERS in OPEN market (FORUMS & TELEGRAM) I m writing this guide to save new and intermediate guys experienced guys noe wat it is and it is completly free share to max group and fourms u noe when u got ripped by scammers so this is ur chance to educate and make the scammers...
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