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  1. DirtySoda

    Carding Free Carding Guide Basics 4 Dummies

    After spending more time on this forum then i should have. I have came to a conclusion that if I didn't already know a decent amount, I probably wouldn't of learnt much. Here is a couple FAQ. Even if you learn 1 thing from this Thread I am happy. I will type this in the most baby English as...
  2. R

    Carding Support

    Do any of you know the owner of the site? I have already created several tickets there, but I do not get any response to them.
  3. pedrochecker

    I need sites with adyen donate payment platform

    I need a website with an adyen platform, to code checker, donation sites and subscription plans, ecommerce is not ok? come partner with me!!
  4. C

    Who will teach me how to earn?

    It is very difficult to achieve something on your own, if you can help me, I need an instructor.
  5. N

    Best sites to buy cc’s

    Hello! I’m just trying to get into carding,have read numberous tutorials and e-books and still having no luck! Not to even mention that i dont even know a good site to buy cc’s, ive spent hundreds on cards that never work was the worst for me,after opening a ticket, they just closed...
  6. Tsubasa

    Carding Advices for noob on carding?

    Hello, forum. I'm very new here and new to carding. I use to make rebates methods to get charged prepaid CC's from tires resellers, BIC, Bayern, and others. I know how to cash out these cards cause they are given as a "gift" of the company. Basically, they ask for a tire invoice and proof of...
  7. I

    Carding help please

    Hello I’m new to this whole carding stuff, I’m trying to learn how to card, i know the basic knowledge like using a vpn clearing cache and cookies, etc. I attempted to hit a couple times at Best Buy and stuff using a bin and generating off of namso but they keep getting cancelled so I figured I...
  8. K

    looking for someone to help will pay for your time

    Hey I’m looking for anyone that has carded amusement park tickets as in Disneyland knotts Berry farm universal studios etc. if anyone know how to card these sites hit me up on telegram @goneyeah12 or reply on here .
  9. Jeffrey72

    Docs Best Sites For Cc Check

    Best Sites For Cc Check Good Luck Guys Minimal Donation 1.2$ Stripe gateway Minimal Donation 1$ Donation portal with a stripe graphical integration
  10. P

    Carding Help

    I just got into this and i keep running into problems and I haven't successfully carded yet. It always says its unable to verify that its the card owner i buy a card with a non vbv bin from then turn my to they're city and state then craete an account with they're same name...
  11. L

    Questions about magstripe cloning

    So a few questions as i am a noobie here and would love input but first let’s say i’ve bought a magstripe reader and was able to pull debit and pins on my own.. 1) If i got the debit with pin # would I be able write that on that onto a blank card that came with the writer even tho it has no...
  12. Qeaox

    Carding Where to get your cards? AIO Suppliers from CC's to Infos

    Greetings! I'd like to show you AIO Suppliers & where to get your cards/info There are lots of marketplaces that will most likely rip you off. I'm going to give you sites that are legit and that I've researched about! Please leave a like and reply with your opinion. Thanks! CC Suppliers...
  13. 5

    ATM cards

    I’m new to this game and would appreciate if anyone can let me know of any genuine sellers or websites that I can use to buy cards that would work in UK ATMs . I would also like to know of any scam websites so I can avoid them. Thanks , 5star ;)
  14. B

    Installing cookies

    When you install cookies for logs does this prevent from triggering the security such as txt or email verification
  15. S

    Cashout bank logs without 2FA

    I just recently started transitioning from cvv to logs. I have a few bank drops ready to receive but the main problem I'm coming across is trying to bypass 2FA. I usually would try mint or yodlee but lately even they have been requiring security codes to link the account. Does anyone know how...
  16. F

    JUNE 2020 FRESH Carding method, Verified coinbase and coinmama account

    This is the latest tutorial on how you can buy bitcoin with stolen credit/debit card 2020 without verification. Due to security reasons, my cryptocurrency exchange websites demands that users do some verification before they can buy bitcoin or ethereum on their platform. This is not good for...
  17. S

    how's my setup

    I have not attempted to card yet as I want to make sure I have a proper setup in order to do so. My current setup is: 911re socks5 proxy, mac adress changer, dnsleak fixer. Also how risky is it to card from your regular computer? A few successful carders I know use their regular pc's for their...
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