1. Mayham

    So Irritated With Brian’s Club

    I’m getting so tired of Brian’s Club Bull**** The prices are ridiculous and more than half the time the cards are burnt. Also his customer service is for shit. I spend a decent amount buying CVV in fact (see pic) over the last 60 days I’ve done about $2500 which is about what I do on average for...
  2. Playamade23

    Software & Tutorial

    Okay so I’ve bought all software/hardware & also have 3 dumos I’ve purchased. Have tried to make clones a few times but throws the same code at the ATMs.. idk if it’s ISTs, ATR, bad software or bad cards but I’m not gonna stop till I figure this shit out!!! So, guys please I need y’all tbh with...
  3. J

    How To Cashout CC Via Paypal/Wealthsimple Cash

    Does anyone know a legit CC cashout method that involves loading some sort of payment app that I can do in Canada? I’m trying to cashout a cc but this time I want straight cash. I tried To load PayPal and wealthsimple accounts but it won’t work because I’m blocked from logging in due to...
  4. J

    food method

    Hi, if anyone knows a way to get free food delivery, the time has not good time :/
  5. Nickv6mps

    HOW TO MAKE MONEY! (Spamming,bank logs, slips, canada and usa).

    Hi, Yall prolly know real methods are expensive asf. I bought one for 1500$ and the site was 1000$. My plug told me everything. therfore, I am willing to sell it for 500$. I have already been a begginner and ik it sucks. It might be a little bit more expensive, but It is better then buying ten...
  6. A

    HBO Special - The game is to be sold and not told - CC to BTC method?

    Hello Friends, TL;DR: What are some websites where you can buy either crytpo or gift cards without KYC? Preamble I once asked a pimp to put me up on game, he told me that the game is to be sold and not told. I say that to say this; I have read hundreds, maybe in the thousands of articles and...
  7. D

    Help me learn to card

    Hi everyone! With almost 1 year of experience in carding, with cards bought left and right on several sites, I came to the conclusion: I would like to learn how to get cards myself. I have no idea where to start and I have now enough time to learn :). I am available for all your advice. If...
  8. F

    Method in Germany EU DE 2021

    Hello Im looking for a guide or method that i can easy use in Germany. Thanks !
  9. LosPegasos


    Do you know how to hack instagram accounts? If you know how to contact my MD
  10. R

    Need partner

    I am looking for a partner who is capable of opening and maintaining bank drops with info i provide. Profiles are high credit score pros, and i will be dropping loans in the accounts you make. PM me if you are interested in working
  11. L

    Questions about magstripe cloning

    So a few questions as i am a noobie here and would love input but first let’s say i’ve bought a magstripe reader and was able to pull debit and pins on my own.. 1) If i got the debit with pin # would I be able write that on that onto a blank card that came with the writer even tho it has no...
  12. x_mode

    A few questions about phishing

    Hello everyone. I recently started working on phishing sites. I have created a copy of my country's bank website and would like to ask for some tips, for example: 1) What's the best way to send a message? sms or mail? (I would be grateful if you recommend several platforms or programs for...
  13. K

    Help for an aussie cheers

    Can anyone help me with what stores in Australia I can use cards online at? Also I have card numbers with expiry dates but not the ccv numbers how do I go about getting this working for me? And any non vbv numbers i can work with? Plus any advice for a newbie would be great. My emails...
  14. B

    I'm at my wits end with this... (x2 v5.1, rts5169 reader/writer, arqcgen, JCOP) SO MANY PROBLEMS!

    Hey, Its my first time encoding chips, and I'm about to lose my mind with this shit. So I bought some valid dumps from amigos, and a generic smart card "reader/writer" (I'll get into this one shortly) and some old credit cards from the trash with the intention of encoding new data into the old...
  15. D

    I need help with my cricket phone bill.

    Hey I'm asking for some support on either someone helping me with paying my bill or someone helping me understand how 2 get the information needed to pay the bill. I was out of old rescator site that was not working for the cards it's just not feasible but such old cars and my my lack of...
  16. Z

    Instore Dumps Approval ill pay $100

    Hey i been using dumps for 2 moths now just experimenting with different bins, in U.S.A going to many stores. stores that has swipe only always work aslong as the card is good when i go to a self check out kiosk at McDonald or tacobell using the 3 dip method it goes through and gets the approval...
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